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  1. Hi,
    First time i write on the forum. I would like some advise on my new build.

    After some research on internet, i took all the good idea in my opinion and made some drawings. Then we start to build the smoker.

    First, we build the firebox with 1/2 inch steel the top and bottom, the sides are 1/4 inch. Two holes for the air intake with adjusting closure. We also put 2 inch valve for futur fan and controller. A seal keep the door thight.

    Second, the smokebox is made of 1/4 inch steel. We put tunning plates and a damper between the firebox and the smokerbox. There is six stainless steel grates. The top and bottom of the box is made with slope for drainage. A gate valve us use for the drain. The chimney is 6 inch in diameter and has a damper. Also we put a cover for rain. The door is seal.

    Third, we build a frame with 12 inch wheels. Two pivot wheel were usef and a big handle for moving the heavy thing around (1200-1300 pounds!!!!!). We put two shelter. One for wood and one for working.

    Fourth, the handle were build to stay cool, a special design from my welding helper......

    That describe very much everything about the smoker.

    Everything works fine, the doors are thight seal and the temperature is really constant. The only problem i have is with the paint. I used BBQ paint, put two coat but it does not seem to be really good. Already a bit of rust after 2 months outside!!!!!

    I need some advise on the paint.

    Thanks for your help.

    Here some pictures.

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  2. shrekastac

    shrekastac Smoke Blower

    Lookin good! This is gas I'm guessing?
  3. No it's a wood smoker, the firebox size (2'x2') was made to receive big piece of wood. I only used apple and maple wood.
  4. shrekastac

    shrekastac Smoke Blower

    I'm no expert per say, but sand her down to bare metal and go with something like Rustoleum high temp primer and then season it slowly starting with low heat and work your way up to cooking temps. After that allow to cool and go with some rustoleum automotive high temp paint and repeat process. Again no expert but the automotive stuff is rated at 2000 degrees.
  5. solaryellow

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    There is a nice lazy way out. Treat the rust with Ospho and then paint over it. You may also want to find a different BBQ paint.

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