"acurite" digiprobe thermomenter check

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by tasunkawitko, Jun 6, 2009.

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    i got this at wal-mart for a little under 15$ and it seems ok for what i plan on doing with it. one probe with a wire running from probe to thermometer. i may get a second one buf now this is good.

    anyway, i tested it with an ice slurry and the temp i got was 32.4 degrees. i figured that's the ebst i could do with wet ice and then got a pot of boiling water going.

    here's where things got a little ambiguous. the water was boiling at a very good roll, and the highest i could get it to was 207.8 - for a brief moment it was at 207.9, but not long enough to call it anything solid. this had me worried that the thermometer is at least 4 degrees off, but maybe altitude plays a factor?

    the elevation of the town i live in is at 2428 feet - any ideas or conversion formulas?
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    Your thermometer looks as if it is working right on! Just to make sure (I'm that way) I did a bit of research and confirmed my thoughts. Here's a link that will help you, Tas. It's from a Ph.D out of St.Paul, MN


    He's got calculation tables there too.

    Hope this helps you !
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    dang guys - looks to be perfect!


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