A Tale of Two Piggies (qview too)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by farnsworth, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. farnsworth

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    I bought a pair of 3 lb boneless pork rib roasts to cook up for the weekend. They look great, nicely marbled across the surface with a thin fat backing and solid through the middle. As I have two, I decided to try different approaches and have my own kitchen contest to see which the family likes best.

    So here we go,

    Contestant #1:
    Made a marinade for overnight of
    1 cup brown sugar
    1/2 cup sea salt
    3 tbsp Dijon mustard
    3 tbsp dried thyme
    2 cups apple juice

    All of this mixed up with an immersion blender to break up the thyme a bit and get it all dissolved. Into a plastic bag and left to rest overnight at 36*F.

    Contestant #1 is going to be stuffed with an apple/pear/mango salsa before hitting the smoker...that'll come later [​IMG]

    Contestant #2:
    Coat with yellow mustard and put in the cold cellar overnight with a rib-style dry rub of
    2 tbsp Lawry’s® Seasoned Salt
    1 tbsp granulated sugar
    1 tbsp chile powder
    1 tbsp sweet paprika
    1 tsp ground black pepper
    1 tsp garlic powder

    And down they go for the night.....

    Updates as they come...Cheers, [​IMG]
  2. I look forward to seeing how your experiment/comparison turns out.

    I like to try cooking things two different ways and see how they turn out.

  3. werdwolf

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    Great comparison, can't wait to see the final result.
  4. farnsworth

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    Part II:

    Followup to the meal.

    The fruit salsa for #1:

    1 mango, 1 Bartlett pear, 1 Red delicious apple and 1 Golden delicious apple, coarsely chopped
    1 tsp Dijon mustard
    1 pinch Kosher salt
    1 tbsp olive oil
    2 tsp brown sugar
    cracked black pepper to taste

    About 1/2 of the fruit was used to stuff the roast after cutting a 'pouch' in it from one end with a long sharp knife. The remaining fruit went into the blender to make a sauce for the roast - add another tbsp of olive oil - some of this sauce was used to baste after the first hour, the rest kept to mix with the drippings as a sauce at the table.

    Meanwhile, #2 received a coating of Brown Sugar on top of the rub and the two went into the smoker together

    Smoked at 240*F with a mix of Sugar Maple and Apple chips for 2 hours to internal temp of 150*F. Basted at 1 hour and 1 1/2 hours with fruit salsa for #1 and apple juice/apple cider vinegar for #2.

    Moved both to a grill preheated to 500*F for 10 minutes to brown up the outside.

    From the grill, rested the two roasts in foil in a cooler for 60 minutes before slicing. Checked the temp on both roasts while resting and the solid roast peaked at 178*F, the stuffed roast at 165*F. I could have pulled the rubbed roast a little while earlier for the cooler but it didn't end up overdone.

    The fruit stuffed roast was very moist and the fruit still had a slight crispness to it. That really complemented the pork. The dry rubbed roast had more of a 'rib' flavour and was also quit moist. Served with roasted veggies to round out the meal.

    And the verdict? It's a split decision: My wife and I favoured the fruit stuffed pork roast while my boys both preferred the dry rubbed one. Both were excellent!
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    I like it! Fine job!
  6. bassman

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    Those look absolutely wonderful! I just had to give you points.[​IMG] Thanks for the Qview.
  7. cowgirl

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    Both look excellent!![​IMG] Mmmmm!!
  8. jaye220

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    Great Q-View...I love doing side-by-sides and you showed it well. Points to you.
  9. Very nice. Points for you my friend.
  10. grothe

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    Great smoke!
    Both look delicious!
  11. bigbaldbbq

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    Very nice!!
  12. fired up

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    Those look really tasty.[​IMG]
  13. MMMmmmmm my mouth is watering, beautiful

  14. darrin

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    Very nice. I'd give you points if I could. [​IMG]
  15. beerguy

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    Awsome! Thanks for the Q-veiw.
  16. smokeguy

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    I love the comparison smokes! Both of them look great!
  17. bman62526

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    Great job - looks awesome!

    Can you elaborate on exactly how you stuffed that pork loin? I recently experimented with the "butterflied" loin, or cutting it into a sheet and rolling it - like a fatty - but the results weren't quite what I was expecting. Just wondering how you accomplished this.
  18. Great look'n smoke...I can taste them from here!
  19. farnsworth

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    Greeting Bman [​IMG]

    The pork rib roast is boneless and pretty solid. After unbagging it from the marinade...

    the roast is in still just one piece. It's not rolled or anything. I cut a slit in one end with a sharp knife and worked the knife down the inside, basically turned the roast into a pouch, slicing along the inside and trying not to cut through the walls or the bottom.

    Sort of like a hot water bottle made of meat [​IMG][​IMG]

  20. morkdach

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    wow thanks for the great qviews[​IMG]

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