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    I too was fortunate to get one of these to test. I have been posting smoked mozzarella qview for a while now but the process is a bit cumbersome with having to install the heat shield and an ice pan in the smoker. This will allow me to smoke even when the temp is like it is today 80 degrees outside. I was never able to smoke chedder or any other cheese due to the heat issue. Now I can
    I let the cheeses sit out for about an hour to soften up and get ready to absorb the smoke - I filled the A-MAZE-N-SMOKER with about 2 cups of hickory and fired it up. Even in direct sunlight the temp did not get above 86.

    Monterey Jack - Cheddar - Pepper Jack and fresh water Mozarella

    Starting up the smoke

    More to come as the smoke progresses

    If you are interested in this unit contact fellow member Todd Johnson
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    Looks like these things are becoming quite popular and seem to work great.
    Contacted him but waiting for some info on it.
    Seems so much easier than adding chips every 10-15 minutes when cold smoking.
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    Where can you get an a-maze-n-smoker ?
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  5. scarbelly

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    Here are some more pics of the smoke in progress and the finished products
    Here we are at just over an hour of smoking

    This is at the 2.5 hour mark

    And here we are at 4 hours

    Here are the finished cheeses
    I pulled the mozzarella at 2 hours as it is a fresh cheese and will take on too much smoke very easily - The others went 4 hours

    The fresh mozarella we will eat in the next couple of days. The others will get vac sealed and sit for 2-3 weeks

    The AMAZ N SMOKER is truly amazing and I give it 2 thumbs up and 5*****
    Thank you Todd for letting me test one for you

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