a couple pulled pork questions.

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  1. Right now I have (2) 3.5lbs pork shoulders in the smoke.  They are rubbed with Jeffs rub and will be finished with JJ's finishing sauce.  My questions are...

    1) I know the typical time for shoulders is apporx 2hrs/lb. I also know that I need to get to an IT of 170 then foil to 205,  Then towel and cooler the shoulders.  Approx how long should they be in the smoke before I start checking the IT to get it to 170?

    2) I followed JJ's finishing sauce recipe to a "T".  Approx how much pulled pork is this sauce good for?  I dont want to use too much or too little.

    Thanks in advance to any and all help/input.

  2. The time to reach 170 Internal Temperature (IT), is driven by the thickness of the cut in inches.  But the short answer, on smaller shoulders, which are around 3.5 pounds, is around 3 hours.  This is assuming your smoker temperature is around 225. Do not foil at a specific temperature, rather, foil when the meat is showing some stall in the rate the IT is increasing.  Some hunks of meat may stall down in the 140ish range, but that is uncommon. Most my stalls started around the 160 to 170 range. 
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  3. thanks....i got a late start so im cooking at apporx 240

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