7lbs sweet Italian and 6lbs of Texas hot links

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by 1967robg, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. Fresh Italian for the freezer and the hot links will be on smoker tomorrow. The Syracuse casings are a pleasure to work with. I need to work on link length consistency
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  2. c farmer

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    Looks tasty
  3. smokinal

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    They look great from here.

    I have the same problem with getting them all the same length.

    Now I put a piece of tape the length I want the sausages to be on the counter & measure each one against the tape, then twist them.

  4. boykjo

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    Links look fine to me....... Nice job.............[​IMG]

  5. Thanks everybody
    Hot links after the smoke and bloom. IMO the best sausage I have made. The recipe is from this forum. I replaced cayenne with some chipotle power
  6. Blooming on the porch
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  7. danmcg

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    Look good to me!
  8. They look great. Love the blooming on the porch. [​IMG]

    What Italian recipe did you use?
  9. Used a recipe from Rytek Kutas book,with the exception I added fresh garlic
  10. ragnar

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    Both sausages look tasty!

    Looks like a great run here. Texture and color are perfect. Bet that porch smells wonderful.

    Without a mechanical stuffer/linker, getting the perfect link is a tough one. I try to use a gauge like Al suggested, but even then, they vary a little bit. Taste the same, though!

    Points from me!
  11. Thanks buddy,they're going quick
  12. freiesleben

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    Looks really good Rob. I tried making sausages a bit like Aaron Franklin(Franklin's BBQ Austin, TX), but mine did not get the right texture and seems that the fat dried out(even though I had more than 20% in the sausage). What do you think I have done wrong, is it possible to get your recipe for Texas Hot Links. 

    A lot of people add cure to the sausages and therefore can keep them at a lower temperature. I did not add cure to mine and therefore kept them at a higher temperature and pulled them at 165 degrees which is safe if no cure is used(smoker temperature was approx. 225 F). 
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  13. Here's the link for the recipe I used. I used cure #1 in place of Tender Quick and chipotle powder instead of cayenne.
    I don't know if you can hot smoke them without rendering the fat out.
    I cook them cold and slow then dunk them in water when they hit my desired internal temperature.
    Tons of great advice on this site, it is an invaluable reference that I go back to all the time
  14. Shoot,here's the link
  15. freiesleben

    freiesleben Meat Mopper

    Thanks Rob, much appreciated :)
  16. smokeymose

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    Very nice, Rob! I see some Rigatoni and Marinara in your future..
    Thanks for the link to the hot links. The site is so big I probably wouldn't have run across it if I didn't see your post. That might be my next sausage! If you could see the differing size of my links you'd realize how good yours really are LOL! I think I'll try Al's tape on the counter trick.
    Is Syracuse a brand name or something for casings? I'm needing more and shopping around...


  17. Thanks Dan! These casings where very nice to work with. Here's a link the their site.
  18. bdskelly

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    Fantastic links.  Point b
  19. Those sausages look mighty tasty.

    Could you be so kind and let me know what size casings those are? I'm fixing to order from Syracuse Casings & I'm still on the fence on which size casings to order for Hot Links.

  20. 36-38mm. If you haven't used these yet you're gonna like them.

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