760 lbs of loins.

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  1. Used Big Tex my pipe smoker to BBQ 760 lbs. of poik loin this weekend for our 4-H fundraiser. Some how we got it done and everything turned out great.    
  2. Wow, now that's some machinery!!! How wonderful! I bet it was great! Cheers! - Leah
  3. That's a serious pit  [​IMG]
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    760 pounds!!!!

    That's only 730 pounds more than I ever made at one time!!![​IMG][​IMG]

    Glad to hear it was a Great Success!!![​IMG]

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  5. Thanks y'all. It was a long day but fun. Some beer, dominoes, horseshoes made it a great success . kids all brought their horses and went swimming in the stock tank so a good time was had by all.
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    I seemed to miss my invite in the mail? We run a jd4010 round here.

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