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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokebuzz, Oct 1, 2007.

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    We had a BBQ cookoff at our church this afternoon, meat to be served for supper. I didn't enter cuz i figured as soon as i got the smoker loaded i would get called out on a service call. got to the church to visit and raz some folks and a college kid asked for some help. he said he had a "pork butt roast" and his manager at the meat counter that he works at said they only take a couple hours. I about flipped and told him they can take over 12, he had a barrowed ECB warming up, so i proceed to have him rub it with what ever we could find and got it on the smoker tryen for high heat. was'nt able to get real hot so we move it to a weber somewhat indirect heat.Wrapped it up with 1 1/2 hours to go ,made a hole to dump some AJ/worsauce/vinegar spray iinto to try to speed things up and put directly over hot fire, got it to 170 in 4 hours, took it off, rested for 5 min., and sliced into smaller pieces for people to sample. It was juicey and tastey, i liked it, and so did everyone else , HE WON the pork. He has never even seen a smoker before, asked tons of qustions and is hooked now and wants to tag along to a comp with me, and i will take him , he's a great kid.
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    Sounds like ya helped bring another into the smoke [​IMG]

    Teach young Grasshoppa well and you will be rewarded.
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    That's great smokebuzz, bringing the young into our fold is something they will never forget! [​IMG]
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    Man, that was a quick one, eh? Good job, you may have just got another great pitmaster on the road to success.

    Buying my brisket the other day, an older guy is in front of me, looking at the thing. "What in heck you doin' with THAT hunk of meat?" Smokin' it sir... it's awesome smoked... "Oh hey, I got a smoker. Tried to use it before, destroyed everything" Turns out to be a GOSM. Gave him a card. Hope he calls...seemed like a real nice guy, and I like to help folks.
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    I was very suprised with it, taste good, not as tuff as i thought it would be. that kid is wound up now and is really intrested now.
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    man.......once again i didn't see this yesterday.....was wondering how it turned out with all the stormy action going on.............

    when i called you and you told me what was going on.......and i told momma.......SHE bout flipped.........LOLOLOL............

    Great Job.......all do to you.........NO q-view?


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