37lbs of Pulled Pork for 60 People (Qview)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by paranormalsmoke, Sep 23, 2014.

  1. First 2 butts scored and ready for rub

    Add a little glue


    All 4 butts rubbed and wrapped for 24 hours

    First set of 2 on the smoker

    6 hours later ready for the foil wrap

    Day two, second set of butts on the smoker

    4am and ready to wrap.....[​IMG]

    And pulled......

    I fed 64 very happy people and only ended up with 1/2 gallon ziplock bag left over! 

    FYI...SoFlaQuer's Finishing Sauce is AMAZING!!!!!![​IMG]
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  2. oldschoolbbq

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    Very nice . Keep going and try JJ's finishing sauce next too .

    Later,Tater ...
  3. Man that looks tasty! [​IMG]
  4. so ms smoker

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      Nice looking butts !  That finishing sauce IS  very good! Great job. [​IMG]

  5. crazymoon

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    Very nice smoke !
  6. disco

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    Terrific looking butt and nice qview. I also agree on the finishing sauce.


  7. mark66

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    You started with 37 lbs pork butts. What was finished weight? Last time I made some pulled pork I started with 43 lbs and ended up with 21 finished product. That makes it about $4.00 - $4.50 per lb.
  8. Do you always rub mustard on your butts? Does it makes a difference in taste? I've never tried it but I see a lot of people doin that so my next butt i smoke I'm gonna try it.
  9. I don't think it offers any flavor enchancement but maybe others will disagree with that?  I was originally told to brush on some yellow mustard to help keep that rub on the meat.
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  10. No taste at all, just serves as a "glue" for the rub to stick to.  Totally not needed, more for personal preference.
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  11. Not sure what my final weight was but I seem to only experience around 40% loss this time.  I've had butts shrink up way more than these did but I normally figure around 50% loss to be safe.  I was serving 1/3lb servings, total count was 64 attending and a few came back for seconds.  I only had roughly a pound left over so if I were to guess I was in the low 20's
  12. LookS Great!!!! How Did You Reheat It?
  13. SoFlaQuer's Finishing Sauce, cover with foil and throw in a 350 degree oven until it reaches 155 degrees. I've found PP to be very forgiving in the reheat as long as you add a little moisture.  I actually think it tastes better the second day but that is just personal preference [​IMG]
  14. Thanks, NowJust Send Me The 1/2 Gallon Ziploc So I Can Practice :D
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  15. That looks REALLY good. Nice job, wish I was one of the 60. Coulda shrunk that leftover pile a mite ! [​IMG]

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