1st brisket goin..overnighter.

Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by jbomx363, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. Decided to do my 18lb'er for July 4th and have it started.

    This is my 1st brisket and still haven't decided to foil or not foil.

    I did decide to do a little trimming, probably didn't do the greatest of jobs of it. And decided to smoke it fat cap up.

    I'm smokin at 275* with hickory chunks.

    I'm hoping to have it done by 2pm tomorrow, including resting time.

    Here's my starting qview, will update tomorrow, or earlier if I start to freak out. [​IMG]

    Rubbed n trimmed.

    On the rack:

  2. woodcutter

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    Whopper!, That is what you call a brisket.
  3. foamheart

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    A thought here, don't go to heavy on the hickory. Hickory is like mequite its a heavy smoke. People form NC do hard hickory, people from Texas do hard mesqite, but its a smoke that grows upon you.

    Dang shame too, I just burnt on a burn pile at least a cord of pecan yesterday cleaning storm damage.

    Don't get crazy on the hickory. And I think you'll be happier, TBS and patience.

    Hmmmm... eat about three, a few cold beers and off to BR for the barge of fireworks..... I should be able to make it.  LOL

    Hope ya have a legendary smoke.
  4. I was trying to find some pecan but only made it to 2 stores. They had chips, but no go on chunks.

    My paw in law uses mesquite.. and I hate it.

    I'll keep the smoke on the light side..thanks for the heads up on that.. I've been getting about 1 1/2 to 2hrs before having to add. So.. going to try a few hrs sleep here n there.

    Temp is at 158 right now.. been smokin for 6hrs so far. I still haven't made up my mind to foil or not..leaning to not though.
  5. i never foil til it is time for it to rest

    Happy smoken, and have a safe 4th[​IMG]

    Happy smoken.

  6. Thanks for that as it reassured me on not foiling.

    Here it is at 6hrs. I'm guessin the probe is in the right spot. Waiting for the stall pretty soon too I spose.

  7. I always put the probe in from the side in the middle of the point. With a brisket when i get to 190ish I let the toothpick take over When it pokes good it is done.

    Happy smoken.

  8. foamheart

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    I think I can smell it, the winds blowing from your direction.
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  9. Sorry foam. I passed gas[​IMG]
  10. so ms smoker

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      I smelled THAT  too!  Glad I was foiled!

  11. Welp.. it's a bit after 7am..that's about 13 1/2hrs so far and it's going to be done a bit sooner than I thought. It was 194* and I repositioned the probe closer to the point and it dropped the temp down to 189*.

    I only got up every 2 1/2 hrs to put some chunks on and it seemed to work well.

    I dropped the temp in the smoker to 200* to slow it down just a bit. How long can I keep it foiled n ice boxed resting for? Can I go 6hrs?

    As soon as I hit 195ish*, I'm going to see if I can check it with a toothpick to tell what "butter" feels like, and if I can't I'll just take it off at 201*, try and remove the point and follow how to do the burnt ends thing, and foil the flat while the burnt ends are doing their thing. Can I "hold over" the burnt ends?

    I'm not expecting to chow down til 1 or 2pm, company may arrive around Noonish.
  12. geerock

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    You're pretty much on track. Looks like you're gonna have a 4 hour or a bit longer rest. Just double wrap her good with a little liquid. Towel or blanket around that and in the cooler. And leave it alone. Just let her work its magic without ppeking and you're gonna get famous today with your crowd. Happy fourth.
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  13. Uhh.. now I'm having trouble removing the point. It's hard to tell and it's not just "sliding off" as some had commented.

  14. jarjarchef

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    If you use the tip of the knife you can follow the fat seperation part for the point and flat.

    Looks great!!!!
  15. Well.. I think I just ruined most of it because I couldn't tell where the point was.

    Here's the outcome.. I cut in pieces what I thought was the point and they are smokin while the other 2 pieces are resting.

    Thawing out pork now and will smoke that too so they can have something good to eat.

    Uggggh.. I hate not knowing what I'm doing.

    Coming off.. IT was 198 and probe slid in and out very easily, so figured it was done.

    Heres the 3 cuts.. I foiled and am resting the 1 I know is the flat and the 2nd cut too just cuz I don't know what I'm doing.

  16. jarjarchef

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    I trim almost all of my fat off. i only leave about 1/4" on. It makes it easier to find the point and you usually don't have to trim it off before serving. It looks like you cut across the grain and that is a big start. I would still be happy to sit down to a plate of what you have there. it might not look Comp Turn in Box ready, but it looks like it will be some good eating.....

    OK I "borrowed" this picture from another site. But it gives an idea on the point and flat.Where the yellow line runs is actually a fat line I was referring to with running the tip of the knife along. That is the line you look for when you go to cut it off. I usually will find mine before I go to cook it. I will trim any excess fat or grisel before cooking. The way the brisket is sitting in the picture is fat side down. I cook fat side up.

  17. Thanks for the info and photo jarjar..you happen to have a photo of one of your trimmed briskets?.. I trimmed quite a bit of fat off, but didn't go crazy as I wasn't sure what was what ...I tried turning it over and still didn't figure it out. In that photo, do you cut straight down and/or generally when taking the point off, is it a straight cut or angled or?

    At least the burnt ends are a hit.. Going to cut brisket in an hour.

    Pork didn't thaw in time, so spatchcocked some chickens and used webers kickin chicken rub on them and will see how that tastes.

    Didn't get the full pan shot, only after a shooed em away for a second for a photo.

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  18. Didn't look the best... but it was super tender and great tasting. My fears were all for naught.

    Chicken was pretty dang good with the kickin chicken spice.

    Not the best photo as we piled it up.

  19. jarjarchef

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    I am waiting on my plate of food!!!! That all looks great.

    I don't have any good ones, but here is what I have. I will usually start with the bottom and remove and silver skin, gristle and connective tissue that will not breakdown during the cook. I will then start with taking a few pieces off the fat cap. Some will come trimmed pretty good, others are almost half fat. I have found a few briskets with a big knot of gristle on the upper side, remove that as well. I trim because I don't like trimming after the cook and removing the seasoning. I like a little fat on my cooked brisket. As you trim the fat you find that it is actually layered in some places and you can almost pull it off with your fingers. I will push on the fat to feel for the thickness. You will get a feel for it over time. The fat will almost have a very hacked up texture look to it. Don't worry about it, it will smooth out during the cook. You will get better the more you work with it. While you are working with the brisket you will find the the meat has 2 sections of meat divided by a layer of fat. That is your point and flat separation line. If you trim the sides you will see how it flows. It is almost like the point is sitting on top of the flat when the flat is on the bottom (opposite how the picture I put in earlier post). I look at it like I am slicing some bread for a sub. I hope this helps some. Let me know if you have any questions.

    This one is the way i trim them now. 

    This one I trimmed too much fat off of.

  20. woodcutter

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    Looks like excellent food to me. Nice job!

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