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  1. hey everyone,

    i recently was asked to due my towns annual pork roast, only to find out the town has purchased 150 lbs of pork loin. i have smoked pork loin in the past going off the simple brine over night. dry rub before smoke, and smoke at 225-250 temp. 2-4 hrs depending on weight and internal temp (145), pull let rest for 30 and serve. so now here is where all of your insight will help. are there any tips that you can give me to try and shorten the gap, between first one and last one done. between first prepped, to last, how does a two man team,(and i am willing to use more people) accomplish this cook out with out truly FUBAR. 

    any tips help thanks in advance
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    If you had to do it I think you could swing that with four Weber 22" kettles in like 11 hours total, but it would not all be done at once. It would be done over the course of 8 hours.

    If you had 3 Lb loins that needed 3 hours each and could fit 5 on a kettle, that makes 15 Lbs per 3 hours.

    If you staged start times on 4 Webers by 1 hour, over the course of 11 hours you could finish 160 Lbs of meat, excluding reheating time, etc, due to loading up additional charcoal. The first two kettles would run 3 times each and the second two kettles would run twice each.

    Maybe cut time by stacking or loading more onto each one?

    Sounds epic when you think of it like that.
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    You are cooking to Med/Well. There is no reason not to go Hot, 275-325°, 30 to 20 mins per pound +/- to 125. Keep in mind, the desired lT is 145 but the surface is 225 to 325. Stack a bunch of meat in a cooler and the lT will rise 25+ degrees while they rest. You want an IT of 145-150, pull and rest at 120-125 and let Carryover finish the cook in the cooler...JJ
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    Jimmy has a great plan. Wrap loins in foil and put them in the cooler to finish......ultra moist.

  5. weev

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    Would you wrap them or just put in the cooler.

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