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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by dooch, Feb 21, 2013.

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    Subscribed to this forum, and made my first UDF, cooked on it once and got the BBQ Smoker bug back.

    Was gonna scrap my worn out 20 year old oil drum pit, but after reading up on the RF's, I decided to recycle some of the old girl and re-animate her into a RF Smoker.

    Starting with a 110 gal. propane tank, and a fireplace insert.

    Got some pics, and will keep you-all updated.

    I will be sure to research this site whenever I need info.

    Thanks to all!


  2. Originally said it was a 110 gal., but it is actually 200 gal.

    Built a 4x8 trailer under it and took her up to my trailer park 2 hours away.

    Finally got her up and going, smoked a 20 lb. shoulder, and a 20 lb turkey at the same time last week.

    Both came out perfect, but forgot to take pics before it got devoured.

    Did ten baby back slabs this weekend, and again forgot pics.

    Next Saturday gonna do a small pig, after doing research on this site, great info, as this will be my first whole hog. Won't forget the pics this time!!

    Got more pics of the build, and I am gonna do another "bigger" one when time permits.
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    Nice job on the smoker D.................[​IMG]

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