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  1. Last night at 7:40 I put my first pork butt in the smoker at 240 degrees. This morning at 5:40 (10 hours later) I checked it and it was just getting to 160 degrees IT. Is this amount of time normal? Should I bump up the temp?
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    You are right where you should be. Some folks will wrap in foil with butter and honey and juice to help with the cook but I personally do not. That but is right in its stall and will push through. Only time i bump up Temp is when time is an issue. even at that I would rather wrap in foil. Below is some pics of some butts that took 15 hrs at 230. I they were each 10lbs. I took them off around 198 internal.

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    I agree, your doing fine!

    Just let it go.

    It may stall in the 160-170 degree range for a while.

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