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Hello. am I still invited???????????????????????????????????????????;}-

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Man, that was a long nap I dreamed I was in a land of no "Que"

I wasn't able to talk to anyone that understood "Q"-talk.

My "puter" took another dump and had to get re-built again This is getting to be embarrasing.Hopefully we'll get another (maybe)new one around Christmas.

   Did some cooking(I know,no "Q-VIEW,didn't happen.Got some pictures of some I did, but not a lot. So glad to be able to be back,I could'nt wait to say High

 Had a great Hallows Eve and the grand children made out good. They'll be on a week long sugar buzzit's myHolloween/ Birthday gift to my Jr.,he was born on the 31st.LMAO

He polished off 3 bottles of Jameson and other goodies. Since I can't drink , he does mine too!!!

Got some shots fo the Brisket and whole Pork loin I did;22hrs.and all gone in 3hrs.He beter be glad I don't charge him a Prep. fee.

I'll get them posted when I find my camera.

As always,have fun and

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Welcome Back Sleepy Head. It's nice to have you back so go get those Q-view a smokin there Rip Van Wrinkled up old man.       LOL welcome home

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Welcome back.... nothing like a little "sweet" revenge to get even with your own kids.... lol.

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Welcome back. I thought you were hibernating for the winter.

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Welcome back good to see you around again

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Welcome back - I hate puter problems - glad to see ya online again

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Welcome back, hope that computer keeps kicking for a while for you.

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Welcome back.  Dang computers!  I'm afraid mine will go one of these days.  It's only about ten years old but I do have XP.

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Welcome back... good to see ya!

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Welcome back! I love Jameson too.

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Welcome back!  Now go find that camera and show us your qview!

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