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Squirrel, you have amazing talent, for a girl!!!   Just Kidding


I wish I had 1/1000 of your talent. If I see it I can do it, but if I have to think it up then I better give up right from the start.


Thanks for sharing.

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OMG I just got home from the golf course gig. The sad thing is there were only a handful of us passing out candy. I love this idea because it allows parents to feel safe about allowing their kids to trick-or-treat. I totally forgot my camera, bummer! I had flashing lights all over the cart that made wolf howling sounds, skeleton parts that I placed underneath the two front tires with glowing heads so it looked like I ran over a couple of people (not sucha bad idea). The kids were sooooo adorable. The costumes were fantastic. I also had four giant spiders "climbing" the cart and a dancing ghost on top. I can't believe I didn't have my camera. Oh well. It was tons of fun and I handed out all of my candy in just a little over an hour. I did manage to stuff a couple of the snickers bars in my mouth while all was going on. When I was going through my chemo and radiation the only thing that made me feel better were the snickers bars. Love those little guys. Any whoooo, Happy Halloween to my buddies here on SMF!

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Great Pumpkin Cheryl...


Snickers would be appropriate for a squirrel, they have nuts in them...LOL

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