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First Smoked Boston Pork Shoulder!! Qview

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Got up bright and early and fired up the smoker.

Last night took the 6lb boston but and gave it some secret rub.

Got up this morning and put her on. 


Will post pics soon.  


Could use some good tips while smoking it.  Maybe something to spray on it. Herd that was good.  just not sure. Might just let it go as it is.




-Shelby B.

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Not sure what kind of smoker you have .

Some folks spray and some don't

 You can use apple juice and add rum if you are so inclined .

 Just remember that every time you open the smoker you lose heat and increase your cooking time.

The last butts i did i just let them cook to 165 and then added some spiked apple juice when i foiled them  and back on the grate to 200.

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I used apple juice on mine and on my ribs. Be quick about it though, you'll lose heat when you open it. No peeking.

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ok sounds good guys. may try it.  ill letcha know.  its addicting to peak though.  i gotta watch myself.  haha

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Personally I like the apple juice mixed with cyder vinagar and I spritzs everytime a add some chips. That way I don't open the smoker door anymore then I have too.

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just listen to what i tell ya cuz...ill getcha goin in the right direction...ill teach you some stuff

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I think mballi said it. simple spritz of aj and cider vinegar is great. keeps em moist. simpler is usually better.

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Can't wait to see those pics! Good Luck

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Meyers rum and apple juice is awesome. Good luck on that butt and the secret rub.

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Shawns13thBDAY02.JPGI do my Butts< 8lb> kinda like this, the night befor I put it on the grill <WEBBER Grill> I rub it with my seasonings.Olive oil first,Salt,blackpepper,Accsent, oinon powder,garlic powder,But rub,and some brown sugar, massage it well in to the meat.. I rap it in tinfoil and set it in the frig over night. I also soak my cherry wood over night aswell. At 6am I take it out of the frig and let it set for about 2 hour to reach room temp. I prep my webber grill to burn at about 220's, I do this by only adding coals to one side an placeing the cherry wood log in the center to keep the coals on one side.While cooking I'll keep pushing the wood up to the coals to keep contact with each other. The trick is to maintain low heat, 220's.When The grill is prepped, I will Take the Butt out of the foil and sear it on all four sides, and place it back in the foil. Then place the Butt on the grill, on the other side of the grill, not on the coal side of the grill. Put the lid on the grill with all the vents open. Every 30 minets check the Butt and turn it around, also add coals as needed and be sure to push the wood upto the coals, to maintain smoke. This is a seven hour  job. But when you are done, you will have pulled pork rite off the grill. After 5 hours open the foil up to let smoke in. Remember, the trick is to maintain 220's, I also place a tin can<14oz Veggie can> with water and cherry wood chips in it also. Watch this can and keep water in it. Remember water boils at 220's and you want it to just simmer.<There's the trick to remember> If you follow these steps you can't go rong. Let me know how it goes. gtme2Shawns13thBDAY03.JPG

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Finished First Boston pork shoulder.  8 hrs.everyone .loved it.  thxs every1.





Halloween 2010 003.JPG



Halloween 2010 010.JPG





Halloween 2010 012.JPGHalloween 2010 013.JPG



Halloween 2010 014.JPG


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Halloween 2010 003.JPG

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I must say it sure looks Yummy,Congrats



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man that looks good!

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good clean bone, sure sign that all went well.

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Oh Yeah.......That's what I like to see!

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Oh yesss. 

It was awesome.  Very happy with out come. It just fell apart.  Was nice and tender with perfect flavor and wasnt dry. 

Couldnt ask for a better smoke.  

Only thing. Lets hope i can do it again . haha.


Thanks everyone for advice and tips!!!!!

& Thanks Ralph for Recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That is the first in a long line of very successful smokes to come from you. Especially for a first smoke that went flawless. Congrats

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Outstanding first smoke, congrats!  


That a great looking butt! 

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Thanks.  Cant wait to do another one. 

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