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Some of you may think I am a little crazy after reading this post. I would have to say I am! My wife says I am a cross between Al Bundy and Tim the tool man Tayler. I am the type of person that thinks everything I buy can be motified and made better. As you read this post, my friends and I are working on a custom pit for my stoker to be added to. For the meantime, I can't live without the smoke so i built this... enjoy


Today i was looking to smoke some turkey legs (1st time) and forgot to pick up a bag of charcoal. I decided to clean the lawn and cook at the same time. Not recommended but it worked.




Getting the fire started making a little pile of ambers...


fire start.jpg


smoker out side.jpg


I hope to install this on a good smoker some day...




The inside of my custom flea market smoker. I added in a ring of bricks and a hole for the stoker blower.


inside pit.jpg



stoker smoke.jpg





The temp is good, putting the food on...


turklegs 1.jpg


spritzing a little apple cider and water


turk open lid.jpg


Not bad looking


DSC_0045 (2).JPG


The money shot$$$$$$$$$ Not bad for scrap wood from the yard :-/


turk money shot.jpg



This was only the 3rd time I have used my stoker, I am still learning. I can't wait until I get it on a quality pit that can hold temp. This is my stoker log from today's cook. I can't get the twitter feature to work :-/ If I had that I would have noticed my pit never warmed up after adding wood around 4:15 I also don't understand why I don't get a graph of the fan turning on and off and sometimes I lose connection between the computer and the stoker for no apparent reason. I still have fun with it.




turk leg oct 2010.emf