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Turkey time!!

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ever since i received Jeffs news letter on turkey breast i have had the craving so today  i have satisfied  the hunger! thanks Jeff



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Looks great!!!  did it turn out moist?  did you brine it?

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Looks good. Give us some of the details on the smoke and how it turned out. I bet you are hooked now. 

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it was a 7lb breast bone in,  i brined for 6hrs,rinsed and rubbed down with JNRR, smoked for 3 1/2 hrs at 275 with  cherry and pecan    having problems with my digital thermometers so they  ended up going a little past my target of 170  but was still very juicy  and great flavor, last time i did a whole bird my wife didnt care for it  said it was a little  rubbery  this time she was very pleased and enjoyed every  bit  of it



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Congrats on the successful smoke!  Never had a whole bird turn out rubbery -- always good flavor and moisture.  Wonder what your difference was.

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Great job on the Trukey...Great sandwich material if any leftovers....

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