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Squirrel's Throwdown Prize Package

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Howdy all,


I forgot to post this! I received the coolest prize package from Beer-B-Q for winning the September Ron P. Yoshida's Throwdown. This was some awesome stuff! Some of it is beyond hot though. My most favorite thing is the Spicy Mayo. Man is that stuff good! I have put it on everything, it's got some heat to it, but not unbearable. What IS unbearable are those Ghost Pepper Nuts. Let's just say that after I ate one, let me say that again, ONE of those puppies I was curled up in a fetal postion in the corner crying like a school girl. They should put a warning on the label that says SPHINCTER TRANSPLANT REQUIRED. Holy cow, I'd rather fry bacon topless. Just sayin'.


I also love, love, love, the Spicy Bloody Mary Mix. That is fantastic, nice kick. I haven't tried the Jerk seasoning yet or the pasta sauce, but will soon. Thanks Paul, this was an awesome prize! Also thanks to everyone that voted for my entry.





P.S. Their slogan is Pain is Good.






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Congrats again Squirrel!


So, Paul had you singing, "Come on Baby Light My fire"??? 




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Frying bacon topless lol ahhaha  oh thats funny stuff, nice prize pack

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LOL... yeah  I buy a habanero sauce from those guys.... a little bottle goes a looooooong way!   Grats on your winnings!

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"Dave's Insanity" is another one in the category of "it'll go a looooong way."  Congrats on the prize pack, Squirrel! 

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Looks like your stocked up for the winter Squirrel... Nice Prize!!! Congrats

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Glad you are enjoying MOST of them...


She said she LIKED HOT!!! LOL 


And I thought Squirrels liked all kinds of Nuts...

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Originally Posted by adiochiro3 View Post

"Dave's Insanity" is another one in the category of "it'll go a looooong way."  Congrats on the prize pack, Squirrel! 

 I like this stuff a lot better than Dave's. Dave's is almost pure heat with no flavor, this stuff has great flavor plus a "butt"load of heat!


Usually just the smell of the habanero sauce coming off of my plate is almost enough to drive my wife and kids out of the dinning room.... lol.

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