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Beef Blood

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Was thinking about making some blood sausage...I know, gross, but I grew up eating it, I like it and my dad used to make it when the family all got together every year to butcher.  I've called around to a few butchers trying to find the ingredients, but ran into a wall with the beef blood.  One of them says they arent allowed to sell it and cannot get any or it was regulated somehow and they couldnt get it.  Any suggestions on how I might get some?

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I never noticed if they carry beef blood but I buy pork blood at the local asian market. It comes in a tub, like margarine, in the freezer section.

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any idea if you could substitute pork blood for beef blood?

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I'm not sure how much you need, but it does look like you can buy it online.

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The bood sausage in my freezer is made from pork and pork blood. The dish my wife makes is like a stew with pork, banana peppers, onions etc. with the sauce made from pigs blood.

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The Super H Mart in Atlanta sells it. You have one of them out there?

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I did not see you are from Denver. I would try the Viet Hoa market. That is were we buy ours in Wisconsin, I do not know if it is a chain or independant.


Viet Hoa Market

5810 W Alameda Ave
Lakewood, CO 80226
(303) 975-9900  
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The Super H is an Asian market. We went over tonite to buy some of the huge jalapenos for $1.19. ABTs tomorrow.

 The had beef blood by the gallon or quart. $1.00 per gallon.

 They have all kinds of stuff..hearts and such.

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