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American Fries on the grill

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Just sharing my super simple American Fry recipe that can be done on the grill


I use a foil pan and cut up (cube) about 1.5 average sized potatos per person

then I pour in about 1/4 cup of Olive oil, season with Black Pepper & Rosemary Garlic seasoning to taste.


Mix/toss it all together, throw the pan on the grill for about 45-60 minutes, stirring occassionally.

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Nice, sounds great!  Cant wait to try it out.  I might just throw in some cajun seasoning too.  Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for the idea.  My wife does a similar thing in the oven.

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Nice sized chunks of onion, carrot, and sweet potatoes (not yams) are fun to add for color and flavor, too.  Roasted potatoes are so easy and tasty!  I often use whatever rub went on my meat to season them. 

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I saw an interview with the famous french chef Jaques Pepin.  They asked him what he wanted for his last meal and he replied "a perfectly roasted potato"  That just about says it all.

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It sounds good and I mean good. So good my wife makes her version every couple weeks.

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I need a picture to be sold on it, lol im sick that way

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You'll have to wait until I make them again Gary!

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will do

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Here's your photo Gary!



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Good memory dude.

Taters look GOLDEN!!

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Looks tasty, thanks...JJ

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Smoked taters MMMM!

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