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We have lots of the things many of us use listed under the Smokers & More tab. You can search by category and find lots of great stuff you can also click on the link if it has one and buy it right through our site this does help to support the site. If there is no link then drop down the page a bit and you'll see "Links" clicking on this will show you where you can buy the product often times its one of our Site Sponsors just click on it and it will take you right to the product listing on their site.


The Product Pages also have an option to "Review" any product that's listed. Now think about that for a second if all of our members reviewed all the products they use what a wealth of knowledge it would be when you were looking to purchase something new. I know we can all find places that have comments about certain products but I'm sorry I trust our members opinions more than other sources. If you own a product and its not listed send me a PM and I will do my best to get it listed

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I didn't know this was all possible.  On my way to check it out soon.  Thanks, Pineywoods!

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No problem even if you don't need any equipment try to write reviews for what you already have. If everybody would do that just think how great it would be when you do need something to be able to see what our members have to say about the different models and makes sure could take a lot of guess work out of buying something

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I  I  captain I'm heading over to the product page now.

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