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Ok after all my negativity towards dry aged beef you have manged to spur my interest again. The meat looks incredible and so do the posts from Paul with you and the camera th_HaHAAHaa.gifBut on a serious note  That is one great looking steak.  I need to study this more and it is all your fault

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Excellent hunka hunka beef! The roughage aint to shabby either.

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Great looking meat, as usual, Squirrel!!  I've had good luck aging in my spare fridge, too.  Such an easy way to get so much flavor! Thanks for another great post

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That is one fine prime rib, and I commend your guts in taking that chance. I've been reluctant because I was under the impession that the fridge you use for this has to be practically operating room sterile. Did you do anything special in terms of getting the fridge ready, like wiping it down with bleach?


Great looking result and thanks for sharing!

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Pokey - just a good old fashion soap and water cleaning. It's understandable that commercial operations have to have a sterile environment. The only other thing in that fridge was tightly sealed and the only time I opened the door was once a day to change the cloth (those did get washed and I also used bleach). I also make sure I washed my hands thoroughly before changing the cloth. I just ordered one of these:


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I must say I don't think I could spend that much money on a cut a meat for an experiment but it came out fantastic! I am very impressed and the results look worth the effort. That is one great looking piece of meat. I can't wait to see how the $250.00 one comes out. We'll need lots of qview of that project.

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I just found this post and now im wishin I didnt, now i am really hungry again lol damn you Cheryl!!!

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