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Thermal gasket?

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Hi guys,


  After my recent pork butt disaster, I'm looking into various mods to maintain heat, and so on. I found most of the mods I was looking for, but what I didnt find, was any suggested sealant/gasket for the pit and firebox doors. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've seen many pictures where people use aluminium foil, but that seems odd to me, since its a conductor. Any ideas?


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You might want to check this gasket out...

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I used a nice healthy bead of high temp silicon for mine. I used it for the smoker door and the door of the fire box.  First I put some masking tape on the mating surface of the door lids to keep the silicone from sticking then ran a nice thick even bead of the silicone around the door openings and closed the doors until the silicone got good and setup. Putting a little silicone release agent (lube) on the masking tape wouldn't hurt either. Leave it to cure over night to be on the safe side. So far so good and it's still holding up.


You can find it at most hardware and automotive parts stores. It runs about 8 bucks a tube.


Some folks use a gaskets like those used on the doors of home ovens and ranges. I suppose you'd find those on old discarded ranges or new ones from appliance repair parts outlets. My guess is they would cost a bit more.

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Do like dick said , You can also put saran wrap on the opiset side of the silicone It keeps the silicone from sticking and peels right off once the silicone has set.

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Yup what they said.


This is the one that I use.


The only thing that I do different is,

I like to shut the door but not latch it.


I will press it shut with light pressure then prop it open to dry. This way it has to compress just a tiny bit after its cured.

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For my own part, thanks guys, I've been pondering the problem of a good seal.  It's off to the hardware store tomorrow.  Will I need to sand the paint any to get a good adhesion or just a good cleaning?

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I would sand a lil just to rough up the surface AFTER cleaning.

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Gotcha.  Thanks.

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Been doing some searching for a gasket material, so that's why I pulled up an old thread, but it's worth reviving it. I like this much better than the 30.00 nomex gasket material. Both of those sealants make a great idea and is what I'm going for to hopefully solve my problem of inconsistent heat in the cooking chamber. I'm also going to extend my exhaust vent downward into the cooking area to keep some of the heat from shooting right out the top.

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Clean off area real good with degreaser/alcohol etc and glue on.   It's just thick enough to make a good seal.  I used it on my pit, but not on the fire box, so I cannot comment on that part.

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