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First Packer Brisket

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I usually just grab the flat from Costco but Friday I went to wally world and got a 16lb packer brisket.  What a good decision.  I read a bunch of threads on the forum and went to work.  This is one of the best cooks I have done.  I usually just do pork ribs and butt.

I cut the cap off and left it on for another few hours.  My wife was raised in KC and she is really how I got into cooking BBQ.  She loves the ribs that I cook and also the pork butt.  Last night we had brisket sandwiches and she said "this is it, you have done it."  She said that it reminded her of the BBQ she got back home.  I guess if she is happy, than I have reached the goal... 



Beef broth


Worcestershire sauce

Texas Pete

Soy sauce

Couple tablespoons of my rub.


Then I rubbed it down w/ spice rub covered with foil and refrigerated.  Oh and I just happened to pick up a pack of dino bones so the brisket would not be lonely.


Sorry there were not a lot of picks I was doing yard work and stayed busy most of the day.  It seems that when I am busy the food always tastes better.  Ya think it is because I am not opening up the cooker every half hour? LOL.









I cooked the brisket for 11 hours at 200deg. and when the brisket reached 200deg internal I removed it cut the cap off and then put it in some foil.  Them temp on the cooker went above once or twice but most of the time was at 200.  The beef ribs have been foiled and there is a few dominic's of new york Italian sausages in the back just for snacking.

The picture is about half way through the day.


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Looks good sittin there. Got oany pics of it sliced??

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I'm with Pete and it looks good now but where's the money shots????

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I knew that was coming...!!!   I was tooooo busy eating and such... sorry... But there will be a next time i promise.  Maybe there are a few slices lift in the fridge... I could show the smoke ring...

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I am with the rest of the gang - looks good up to the point where you forgot the rest of us LOL

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mental note: 

don't post QVIEW unless you have picts of the finished product.

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This is a tough crowd.

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Looks great (I believe the smoke ring was there) , especially if your BBQ-lovin' wife said you made the grade!!!  All ya gotta do is keep momma happy and she'll keep lettin' you smoke!  I love smoking whole packers -- great food that lasts a long time.  We always pull ours and freeze some for later if we aren't feeding a huge crowd.  Heats up beautifully with a bit of fruit juice or beef broth thrown in to keep it nice and moist.

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