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My First Ribs Q-View

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So on the second day with the smoker I decided to do some ribs for football.


Forgot to take a pic before I put them on.



Used dry rub on both of them and them added some sauce to one for the last 20 minutes.


Ribs 2.JPG

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Looks great ! Which one ya like better ? Sauce or no?

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Those look fantastic
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Looks great. Football and Ribs, Life gets better then that but not often .

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Nice Looking Ribs...

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Well it's halftime and how were the ribs......Now we want to know sauce or non sauce??

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Good looking ribs, I'm curious too which you preffered. I'm a no sauce kinda gal.

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Looks like the first rib smoke was a great success, those look great! Congrats!  

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Looking great! No sauce here.

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