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How long can you freeze a butt

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How long can you keep a cryo-packed butt in the freezer and still be good, I just found one in the back of mine

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I've had em up to a year w/ no problem.

 Thaw it and open it. You WILL know if it's bad.

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I would say aybe a month. That's as long as I have ever had one in our freezer. Really you can have them in there for a long time now I year should be any harm to it like freezer burn or anything then go for it. Whats the worst thing you drfrost it and then throw it away.

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The USDA recommends 4-12 months for freezing.  

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As long as it isn't freezer burnt I would go for it.

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If it's been held at 0 F, it's safe indefinately. Safe and good quality are totally different though.

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