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The Waiting Game

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So I got a 5 lb butt & thought I would try the infamous Mr Brown. Put the southern Succor rub together ( Thanks Eman)

Rub her down & let her chili overnight. I cant seem to load more than two pics at a time so please bear with me. Its been on the smoker since 9am just over a 100 now & going strong. Now the wait & time for some beer






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You're welcome.

Got a bunch of meat here that is going to have plenty flavor  . Rubbed it yesterday at noon and expected to have it on at 6 this am . MES took a dump so now it'll be tomorrow am.

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Whatcha got planned?
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Soo we're at 110 & of course my sprayer broke so I used one of the kids little medicine type looking injectors & just gave it a good bath



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Where everyone else does 3 - 2 - 1 ,I'm doing a 1-2-3 with a 3-2-1.

 1 packer brisket , 2 butts and 3 racks of spares Done 3-2-1.

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anybody know why there looks to be some blood draining around the bone? Im certain I cot out any of the little eyes out??



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ok we're at 145 & fingers crossed close to foiling soon!!!!



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Oh this is gonna be a long night for you there Terry. I have had a butt and some other meats drain alittle blood while smoking and it's no big deal to me at least. I will have to wait for at least us out here in eastern time zone. Whoops my bad that fixs eberythig doesn't it. Well our kids think so.

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Yeah I'm on the firge of putting it in the oven:( I have a little smoker & have just worked my but off! I'm getting tired:(
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I'm with you, the butt I'm smoking stalled for a couple hours!  10 hours and I finally foiled this 8 pounder in the pan at 162*.  Thinking I'm going to take it to 190* foiled and then unwrap and put back in until 200* naked.  This late and I've got nothing but time now! LOL

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WELL. 10 Hours in the smoker & two hours in the cooler for a small 5 lb butt we have MONEY







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Looks like it came out perfect. 

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That looks like it turned out awesome. Great Job.

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Thanks guys! You know you got it right when it pulls with just your fingers!!
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Got 2 in the smoker now been in 12 hours and still only at 180

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That looks real good!  Great smoke!  

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Thanks dean how did yours come out? Been looking &'thought maybe you just didn't post it??
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