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Todays smoke with Qview.

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 Started out early today. Wanted to get the butt in the MES and make sausage.

 The sausage turned out good.

 Rubbed the butt Thurs nite. Here it is today.




Cranked the smoker to 230 and let it warm up.

Loaded the AMZEN with hickory and a little cherry mixed in from yesterdays wing smoke.

Lined the water bowl and added water and apple juice. Put it in.




Still learning how to get all things working together, learn something new each smoke.

Three hours later the meat is at 136 the MES is holding 226 and the AMAZEN is smoking steady.. Life is good so far today.

The only thing that I dont like is the et-73 doesn't make it 25 feet. I guess I will call them and get another one.




Looking good!













More pics as this continues. Have a great day !!!


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looks awesome, cant wait to do my first butt.


Trying with easy smokes to earn my wings.

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All righty is done.

Decided I would try making a few ABTs while my luck was so good today

Just peppers,Wisconson sharp and bacon.

Put them in after I foiled the butt. Two hours later..... nice.




Now on to the butt. Pulled it out at 200 and covered it for an hour.











Pulled  easily with a  fork. Very moist and tasty. The Woman wandered up and we ate as I pulled.

She sez YUMMIE!!

 Plenty to eat for a few days.

 What a great day. Tried two new things---Sausage and ABTs. Both turned out great.

 The butt is way good.









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lookin good dude!

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Looks really Great Man , Don't have the Amazen smoker but it looks pretty simple to make and I do have accesses to perforated stainless

Great Looking Job

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Looks awesome nice job

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mmmm looks very good

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Looks great!  And we all know, when the misses is happy, everyone is happy!  

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Yes sir I agree with my fellow cohorts and you have some good looking butt there. I like the Abt's too with some good ole cheddar yumO

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Looks Great,,,  Nice Job...

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Thanks for the compliments. Being part of this group has been great.

If I hadn't run across Pops on another site I would still be fighting with the BGE for smoking.

Great info, help, recipes and friendship.

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Great looking pulled pork and abts...  Send some over here to my table please !

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