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My First Smoke, chicken breasts Q-view

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This is my first smoke so wish me luck, the food is on the smoker now.


Took some boneless, skinless chicken. rub'd them with Mudflap Jones prairie dust, bacon wrapped them and hit them with another splash of rub.


Also added some store bought Italian sausage. I plan to pull the onion and pepper and sautee them to top off the sausage.




after 2.5 hrs -- right before I pulled it from the smoker



had leftover bacon so I threw on some brown sugar and tossed it on the smoker.


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Looks like you're off to a delicious start!! excellent q-view, thanks!

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Great idea with the potato as a probe holder!  Nice job!!!     

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Man your chicken looks great and them the Italian sausage with onions and peppers too. I bet you are at work right now thinking about them aren't ya.....

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Oh man. Im soo full right now & i would still eat all that!!


Good Job

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Great looking smoke. I love smoked chicken big time.

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that is a great loking smoke

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Great looking smoke. I bet you are hooked for sure now!!!!!!!!!

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It all looks great but that sausage peppers and onions caught my eye big time.

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Ditto on the Sausage and Veggies

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looks good

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Looks fantastic, Marsha!  Smoked green peppers are a snack I like while cook'n.  What is also great is roasted garlic, cut the root side of slightly so expose'n the cloves, wrap in foil w/evoo s&p and it smells/tastes so good! 


Great look'n meal!  And pig candy for dessert!

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Those pictures look like they should be in the ecb sales catalog. Very nice.

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Great job.  Italian Sausage is my Kryptonite, and it's even better smoked.

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Thanks for all of the comments everyone. The food was amazing.


The next day I did Ribs for my second smoke and they came out amazing too.


My next smoke will be a brisket... I can't wait.

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Looks great, Nice first smoke

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