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th_violent5.gifAnybody that has a Cabella's dehydrator, should prolly order an extra heater...Before yours goes out...I've been waiting on a replacement heater for mine for over 2 months...

Unfortunately...I have 2 freezers full of meat waiting and about 75# of peppers (Tobasco,Modello,etc...) went to waste waiting for it to get here

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Just another quick update and a hats off to the specinator and Cabella's

After waiting forever on a heating element for my unit...The nice people there went out to the warehouse and cut one out of a new one...That was great...Thank you customer service

The plot thickens





Took the back off to wire in the new heater



Found that the element was NOT the problem found that the wires had melted together and burned up

My new unit will be here tomarrowdrool.gif


Hats off to the customer service at Cabella's

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I've got a 9 tray Excalibur.  It has never failed, even though I run it constantly at times of the year.

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