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Spare Ribs Plus More in the UDS...Now with Q-View

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I will have plenty of Q-View today as I am cooking 4 racks of spares, 10 pounds of chicken parts, 3 pounds of sweetbreads, and about 5 pounds of sausage.  This is for the UFC fight tonight expecting a big crowd we will have all the sides.  I am going to try to cook everything on my two UDS smokers.  I am going to use a Rib rack for the spares but I do have one question it looks like I am going to have to use the lower rack for the spares so they will fit without touching the top of my lid.  Will I have to adjust my temps since the spares are gointg to be about 5 inches closer to the fire?  The ribs will be around the level of the thermometer with nothing on the top rack.  Any help would be appreciated it is my first go on the bottom rack.

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How much distance do you have from the coal grate to your bottom rack? 

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If I have a full basket it will be around 11 inches if I use half a basket it is closer to 18 inches.  My Basket is a 14 by 14 inch cylinder I get about 10 hours on half a basket of lump. 

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If you have at least 24" from the bottom of your charcoal basket to your rack I think you'll be fine.  Anything closer I think I'd put some foil under the rib rack to try and deflect heat.  Not knowing how high off the bottom you have your basket it sounds like you'll be pretty close to 23 or 24 inches?



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I was able to fit the ribs on my top rack after looking at the pictures I took I relized my UDS really are Ugly.  Maybe it is time for a grind and paint.  Oh well they work like a charm.photobuck1.jpgphotobuck2.jpgphotobuck3.jpg




Ok now the spares are ready for some foil added some butter and Brown Sugar.




Ribs Foiled now for the Mollejas (Sweetbreads)




No BBQ would be complete without some yard bird.




More to come later


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Man I love cooking all day long

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Sweetbreads! You gotta tell us more!  I've never put butter on ribs - pork candy.. mmmmmmmm (insert drooling Homer here)

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Were they calf sweetbreads or steer (from the thyroid glands)?  Did you soak them first to remove the membrane?  We used to toss them on just before finishing some thick porterhouses and brown them up and serve with mushrooms; yum!

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Now thats a good ole smokin there. You must have a bunch of good friends coming over for a fine feast. Your food look fanstastic too.

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