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Chicken Breasts on Wood Fire

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Chicken breasts on a Wood Fire (Oak & Hickory) in the back yard. No charcoal.
Pepper and McCormick GrillMates Chicken seasoning.




Basted with Kraft Light Balsamic Vinegrette dressing.
Chicken is almost done. Picture is fuzzy because of the wood smoke.




Grilled Fingerling Potatoes on the Wood Fire.




This is a "Do-Again"

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To early in the morning to be looking at qview. Now i'm hungry .

That yard bird looks great.

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I don't know which looks better the pot. or the chicken.Both look great,I like the idea of yhe balsomic dressing,sounds great.

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You had me drooling just by reading the title and now it's even worse! Good looking meal you have there.

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That bird sure does look good. nice job icon14.gif

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Looks Great...

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Looking good - love me some fingerlings

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Really good looking Q, nothing like cooking over a wood fire.

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Good lookin' stuff right there..

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Looks delicious!!!



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fantastic chicken, me want one...

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I like it!


I still like to grill!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Nice job now I'm hungry again

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I think that is a great way to cook...Nice job !

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