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It works great I get about an hour of smoke using hickory chunks,  They make a jumbo shaker that I might buy in the future to go a little longer between fillings but this isnt bad just gives me another reason to drink more beer...

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yeah i was going to get a jumbo one too.  sweet, thanks for the info!!

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that is nice it looks real clean good job. I would really like to know more about the smoke injector and how it works

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Originally Posted by motoman3b View Post

I've done about 120 lbs of sausage in it so far and a few batches of jerky, Works awesome the only thing I might do is upgrade the heating element to 220v for some faster cooking times usually takes about 8 hours or more for a batch of summer sausage



I was wondering if you have done anything else like ham ect   does the recirculating air dry the meat out?

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I also have a proofer and am in the process of building a smoke generator like yours "awesome idea " mine is 1500 watts I'm curious about temperates does yours produce high enough , seems to me that these proofers are ideal you can dehydrate foods smoke hot and cold.

I got mine up to 220 degrees before i maxed out my thermometer.

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is that 1/2 or 3/4 inch pipe on your generator?  can you take it apart some and show us how you built it.  Looks great.

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I havent tried any hams but it doesnt seem to dry stuff out too much you can always cover the air inlet on the fan a reduce the circulating air if it becomes an issue.     


the smoke generator pipe is 3/4" pipe...  I cut out a hole in the bottom of the shaker and threaded it onto a stub 3/4" pipe into the T connector then ran a longer piece of threaded 3/4" pipe into the smoker and bolted a floor flange to the inside to thread it into.  Really simple took me about 10 minutes to build

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Nice Job on the Smoker...

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