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Pulled Beef

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Hi Guys.....

   I live in a strange country (Mexico)!! I went to the butcher yesterday to buy a 7-8 lb lamb to smoke. While there I asked him the price of a chuck roast. He said 88 pesos a kilo ($3.25 per LB) ok I said then I asked him the price of T-bone steak . It was the same 88 pesos. I looked at him and asked so the price of any cut of beef is 88? He said yes except fillet which is 14 pesos. My girlfriend likes pulled Beef. All cuts being the same price which would you use for pulled beef??




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I would go with a brisket or a chuck roast which ever one was cheaper but in your case being the same price. Either one would work just fine.

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Great price for steak but if your doing pulled beef I agree with RB either a brisket or a chucky

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I third that.  A couple of things to consider.  A typical chuck will cook faster than a brisket.  Also, a brisket can be a little more work.  But if you're an experienced smoker best of luck.  Be sure to show us your smokes.  I'm sure we'd all love to see your set-up too.

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