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Congratulations Mark! That really is something to be proud of. Oh and you make some killer food as well PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif


Have a happy one,



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Congratulations Mark, you have been hard at it and in reading the post to try and sharpen my smoking skills I have found your advise and Q-View to be invaluable.  For those of us who don't post a lot yet love the art of smoking meat, (or about anything that does not move), you are an inspiration to us all.  Got a new Mater Forge 2 door LP smoker for Christmas and am in the process of preparing for my 1st smoke using this animal.  I live in Southwestern Virginia in Coal Country and this winter has been extremely cold this year or I would have already had it poping.  I wish you the best and keep up the good work.  I'll be watching for you my friend.



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congrats mark. I always look forward to your words of wisdom and espcially your qveiws

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i don't know where i was when this post was new, but i finally found it!


congrats on the 10K+  posts, Mark!   it was great to see some of your stuff! 


i always appreciate your insight and comments!

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