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Oct. Email Newsletter

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Jeff ,

 I really appreciate the monthly newsletter.

 But i have to make a correction to this months newsletter.

 Using liquid crab boil in anything you smoke or cook is not crazy.

We use it in just about everything.

  A couple of drops in my breakfast scrambled eggs is fantastic.

 OK ,This is just one of those days that i had to stir the pot!!!

 Have a great day Boss!

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I have never tried the liquid crab boil but I bet I would love it. I should look around here and see if I can get it locally.

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LIke i said we use it in everything.

If ya get some try mixing a tsp (or more) w/ your mustard to apply to the meat b4 the rub.

 I used it in a steamer yesterday to steam some pastrami and to warm up some chicken.

 The 2 major brands here are zatarains and louisiana fish fry products.

 i just looked on line and both are available at the major grocers .

If you want to get some shipped then Louisiana FFP is cheaper on the shipping.

 16 oz bottle will last a good while if you are using it as a seasoning and not to boil seafood.

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Now I trust you Bob so tommorrow I'm gonna use the crab boil in my eggs so you better be right. Not really I'm gonna use it but it does sound yummO thou.

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