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Or you could just let me at it for a few minutes and pull out a fried skeleton!

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Yea Al I inject all the birds I'm going to fry. One other thing even tho we are used to frying turkeys when you go to put it into the oil go slower than normal. I don't know why but they seem to come up even higher in the fryer than ones that we just fry once in the oil is like normal.

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Sounds like I'll have to try this , this year ,sounds great

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I will also be doing this method. We usually smoke one or fry one why not combine the best of both worlds. 

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I do this all the time with wings.  I'll marinate my wings, hickory smoke them and then drop in the hot oil just for crisping them up.  AWESOME results every time.  

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I did this last year and will be doing it again this year...took pics but can't find them now. Last year I injected the meat and rubbed spices under the skin but the skin started coming off in the fryer.I think it is because I loosened the skin during the under skin rub.This year I will probably inject,smoke at approx. 250 to 140ish internal,then fry to 160.When you put the turkey in the oil after smoking the turkey temp will come up quickly, and the internal temp will continue to climb some after you pull it.


Just got done frying 45 turkeys in one day at work this week,but I guarantee my smofried turkey will be better!!!!



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Originally Posted by eman View Post

Mark,                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Ya need to play the switch out joke on your kin folk. i pulled this on some friends from mosouri

 Ya really need a helper thats in on the gag to make it easy.

 Get everything ready to fry and oil hot and get the bird readywhile you are doing this you need to expand on how hard it is to fry a really good bird and that you have to keep your eye on it every min.

If someone asks you why ? Just tell em shrinkage. Usually someone will ask what you mean. Tell them if you cook it to long it will shrink.

 A few min b4 you get ready to pull the turkey from the oil you need to get your helper to get evryone to another area.

Pull the bird and put it in an ice chest or pan  to rest. Hide this and then you pull out the  chicken or cornish hen that you have previously fried and put it in the pot. Start yelling and cussing and when they come back ,You tell them that you are really sorry and that you only turned your back for a moment and then take the top off the pot  and show em the lil bird.

 It's a great gag and most folks that don't cook will fall for it. At least for a few min.

That's to funny Bob....I wish i still fried birds for peoples.


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My brother and I did it one time by accident.  We were camping at the ocean and turned out to be to windy and cold to maintain any type of temp in smker to get turkey done.  After about 4 hrs we gave up and putin in the fryer.  I must say for an accident it was the BEST turkey I have ever eaten.  Moist, very juicy, crunch skin and a great smoke flavor also.

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I have 2 new toys,

a new MES & a new propane deep fryer.


Wanted to try this for a long time, I am going to inject just butter salt & pepper (wife doesn't like marinades or cajun spices)

& see how it turns out, I am getting kind of hungry thinking about it.


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ok how long do you fry the turkey after you put it in the hot oil

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Somebody needs to post some pics of this with some slice shots... i remember Piney and i talkin about this in chat a long time ago but i have never tried it yet. i have a deep fryer but have never deep fried a turkey yet. but if i was going to i would like to try this out. i always brine my turkeys before smoking, any issues with this and then frying???  another twist could be to cure the bird and then give it some smoke and then to the fryer to crisp up the skin...

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Originally Posted by mudduck View Post

ok how long do you fry the turkey after you put it in the hot oil

I will vary to much to even venture a guess depending on the bird temp when it comes out of the smoker and the temp of the oil I just go by looks and keep my thermo handy so I can pull it out of the oil and check the temp then put it back in or know its done.


Erain I had pics up and they got lost in the great crash and I can't find them again

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This sounds great...I normally smoke and fry a turkey, but this year I'm thinking combining the two like mentioned above. If you smoke to a internal temp of 120 - 130ish and then put in my turkey fryer how long should leave in the fryer? I'll be doing a 12lb bird this year.



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Could someone give us some clues as to how long this takes per pound. I am VERY interested in trying this this thanksgiving. I just need to know when to start. I am doing two 12 lb birds. I could smoke them both, pull one, fry, wrap and toss in a cooler then do the other.

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I don't know how long per pound but when I smoked mine to 140 then into the 350 oil it didn't take very long to get to 160's. I am thinking around 7 minutes or less.I will probably do like Pineywoods and check it after about 5 minutes to see where its at.....



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Thanks sounds like a plan....

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How long in the smoke????

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Hmmm, just found out that the turkey we are getting tomorrow is larger than 14 lbs. and you guys just may have solved my dilemma icon_biggrin.gif! I was a little concerned about the danger zone myself, and since I have a turkey fryer upstairs ( that has been sadly neglected ) this might just be the way for us to go PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif. Thanks for the thread and Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

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I am now seasoning my MES, haven't used it yet,


I am planning to smoke at 275 for around 4 hours,  then fry,

still trying to figure this out, any suggestions?


I have been using my ECB, not used to all the temp choices :-)



I have 2 turkeys, 12 pounds each

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