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So does it get any better than.....

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I know I like to make some fancy shmancy stuff sometimes, but when all is said and done give me a grilled steak and some smashed taters and I am a happy squirrel!


I marinated these puppies overnight in a WONDERFUL concoction of fresh grated ginger, sesame oil, pecan oil (great stuff by the way!) chopped garlic, green onions, tad bit of soy sauce, peppercorns, I'm sure I'm forgetting something. I tossed them on a flaming grill, boiled up some taters I cut up and soaked in water overnight. Easy Peezie.







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Yum, yum, I want some!

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Looks good

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Now that does it I'm out of here. With food like that I'm moving. Honey I'll see you later I'm moving next door to this squirrel LATER.

Great looking food there cheryl.

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Good lookin' steaks, there!  Help me out here -- Where's the SMOKE????  LOL!!  Wish I weren't across the continent; I'd love to stop by for supper sometime!

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I thought squirells were supposed to stock up on acorns for the winter..... better just send those steaks over to me!

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Damn You Squirrel!!!

No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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7:34 a.m.? Is this breakfast?


Beautiful steaks. I've been so busy smokin', I 've forgotten about plain ol' grillin'. Very nice.

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10:34 Pokey. Brunch.


Thanks everybody! Yea, I grill or smoke something just about every day. My neighbors flip me off all the time. Nice folks. I do share alot of the food because I just wanna cook it and taste it then I'm done. I juz wanna cook!

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wow imagine that &  I just wanna eat! Two beer can chickens in the smoker, I think soo

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I want the one on the right...  I'm a conservative you know...

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You cook 'em just the way I like 'em!  We did up steaks last night, too, but with baked spuds instead, sauteed spinach and a 2005 merlot.  cheers, squirrel!

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Looking good, that's the way I like them steaks. Knock off the horns, give em a wipe and chow.

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Dang it Squirrel, you got me movin' back into the closet......SWMBO was peeking over my shoulder and saw those steaks and wanted to know when I was going to dust off the grill (been busy smoking but, oh no, that's not good enough) and grill up a pair for us.  I've got to move the computin' stuff into a large closet so she doesn't get any more ideas.  Ah well, they're great looking, whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, or even midrats.....

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Cheryl those look fantastic. I can't wait til mine gets here

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ya had me at meat..........

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No, it doesn't!

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WOW!! Those sure look good!!!

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Man oh man I want a good steak, but I am at a loss with the last picture.

Thanks for sharing

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Very, very nice!  Mouth actually watered and I like med to med well.  Make'n me hungry!

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