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I might just quit pork ribs.....

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I smoked up my first batch of beef spare ribs today. They were on sale because they were going out of date soon so I snagged a rack.


McCormicks steak rub.....3 hours of apple and hickory the foil for an hour and a half.....all @ 250 degrees makes for some mighty fine tasting ribs.


I was going to cook them for another hour out of the foil but they were done. When I tried to move them back into the smoker the bones all fell out. I figured they were just telling me they'd had enough. They really shrink down but what is left is some of the most delicious meat I have ever tasted.


I hope it wasn't a fluke. Having practiced with pork ribs helped me out a lot. But I'm not sure I'll even do pork ribs again. These are much better in my opinion.


Sorry no pics, I was just screwing around cooking on my off day and was very surprised.

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Glad you liked them, Around here if there is no Q-veiw it never happend 

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beef ribs especially short ribs shrink ALOT. but they have a great taste

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Sure would have liked to see them, but I have to agree with you anyway. I like Beef ribs more than Pork ribs myself.


Not that I would turn a Pork rib down, or stop making them myself.


It's all good,


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Now I really like some good beef ribs but the real Dino Bones are the long bone short ribs. They are awesome and they have a huge hunk of meat with one good handle too. then pork ribs are a different monster in itself. I really like a good rack of pork spares too. Can you tell I just like ribs.

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You know, since it never happened, (Chuckle), I feel my preference is leaning towards the Dino bone as supposed to pork ribs now.  Of course, if you don't get them on sale, you pay through the nose but they are well worth the smoke.  I guess I will just have to wait for the NEXT qview to see these fabulous beauties next time.  Oh well.

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It never happened... you'll remember next time.

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Moo is good butt squeal is better. Camera's are cheap these day's.

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Originally Posted by Damon555 View Post

 I'm not sure I'll even do pork ribs again.

Don't tell me you're going to pork out on us?

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