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you got me thinking, uhg oh, what consistancy is the meat your stuffing? is it soft enough?

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well im not sure how to answer that exactly.....im new to the sausage stuffing thing but with the salami it stuffed pretty easy so i didnt mess with it at all....the beef sticks i made according to the directions then i added a cup of water to them to thin them up some and it still was unbearably hard to do

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the latest on this is.....i stuffed 10 lb of trail bologna worked fine....did 3 lb of fresh hot italian....worked fine....put tin foil around it to do snack sticks and broke the piston....so now i dont know what the heck to do

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Go to Grizzly tools website and get the 5 lb stuffer. Problem solved!

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Looking for a little feedback, honestly I have asked this question a few times to other guys that stuff sausage.

I currently have a 5 Lb Weston (vertical) stuffer and it seems to work really well for me. Knock on wood.....haven't had any issues so far. The only thing I was wondering about is How do WE know when we have the VENT screw (pry the wrong verbiage - where the air is released on top of plunger) at the right position or height? I have noticed that if you don't have it tightened enough it doesn't want to operate right. If you have it to tight I have always seen excess pressure. Guess what im saying is I just want to be sure on how to determine IF I am USING the stuffer properly and the most efficient way.


I apologize if this comes of illiterate, I appreciate your guys help on this matter.



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Hey Brandon, Not familiar with the Weston stuffer but could you take some pictures of the vent top and bottom and post them. Would be better if we can see what your referring to. You also may want to start a new thread so it gets better attention....



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This is it right here buddy. It's highlighted #4. Basically got a screw and washer on the top and it threada into the valve w/stem and spring. Just want to get the explanation on how tight or lose that should be. It wouldn't let me upload image from Phone on site.
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Not familiar with the weston but having had several stuffers and looking at the drawing the valve must be able to move up and down. some are spring loaded and some are floating with no spring. The object of the valve is to be able to lower the plunger and allow the air to escape through the valve while it is open. Then when the valve hits the meat it closes the valve and the plunger pushes the meat with no air trapped between the plunger and the meat. When the plunger bottoms the stuffer and you retract the plunger the valve then opens and allows air to flow back into the stuffer and allows you to lift the plunger up and out of the stuffer. So to answer your question the valve must be able to open and close so you will have to tighten the bolt to where it will operate this way


hope this helps



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