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now i feel liike an idiot

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now that i post pictures noone responds anymore? whats with that lol

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The pics didnt work they say error when you click them, i thought thats why you said you felt like an idiot now lol because they still didnt work

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Sorry Chevy, I thought that you'd try again.  look above the reply box and you'll see a icon for a picture. (place your curser over it and it will say Insert image ) Click it. Click on the browse computer header, then under that, click the browse botton to the left of the file insert box. find the pic you want on your puter and double click it.  That should insert it into the empty file box, hit submit and you should be good to go. 

Did I totally loose ya? I think there's a tutorial on it. I'll see if I can find it and post it here.


worked for me;


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There are his pictures

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Sure looks like it is missing the o ring to me

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How can you tell? wow hes not a photographer is he? Thats just bad sorry lol take a better picture of the plunger"piston", there should be a groove in it where an o ring would sit, on the side of it.

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the first picture is the side of the piston.....there is no groove....

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That's weird, that must be the new design they were talking about? That makes no sense.

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Originally Posted by pandemonium View Post

That's weird, that must be the new design they were talking about? That makes no sense.

I totally agree. If you can I would try to get a refund and buy another brand. If you cant I would look for a oring with the thickness of about 3/16ths of an inch in diameter and little smaller in length than the diameter of the round plate. Take the round plate to your local machine shop and have them cut a groove for the oring.  I say 3/16th thick of an oring because it doesnt look like you have much there to take out without going all the way through the round pusher plate .More than likely with the cost of the machining your probable better off buying a new one or go buy some cheese cloth place it under and around the sides of the plate and then stuff. You can add more layers of cheese cloth to het the sides to seal so the meat doesnt oove back.....


Nice job on the sausage...


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Interesting, I've got a '84 vintage stuffer from The SausageMaker and it has the O-ring. The unit you have looks to like a good quality unit. I'd consider spending a few bucks at the local machine shop to mod it. or you could always give it to me...

When ya get a chance measure the diameter of the push plate and maybe we can find someone who has a replacement for it.



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getting a machine shop to groove it was my thought but im kinda pissed about the whole situation the guy said it was 15lb and he had researched and the sausage maker company had a sleeve for it etc etc and then i find out it's 10 lb and they dont make a product....although i have to say with the attitude the lady gave me in customer support i will not ever buy another sausage maker product she was just like its old sorry about your luck basically. also i though the plate was supposed to be able to be taken off the threaded rod but this one wont budge. i feel the unit is quality built but i dont understand how a company would put out such an expensive product without understanding that it will leak during the intended use.....i will measure tonight and post back how big it is

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When did you buy this? Do you have a link to it? Just doesnt seem like its right and maybe we can contact this company and raise hell for you to get the problem fixed.

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i bought it off craigslist from a guy who wasnt honest about it.....it's an older model of the sausage maker company.....the piston width is 6 7/8 the body is like 7-7 1/16 piston height is 1 inch the piston walls are 3/8 inch it was a older guy who told me it was missing the sleeve but a new one could be purchased so i was like whatever and bought it to find out there is no sleeve so now im gonna have to see about a replacement piston or maybe getting a groove put in this one

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The piston should unscrew so you can wash it.

With a 3/8' wall grooving it for an O ring shouldn't be a problem. I've looked around for replacement pistons but they don't tell ya the diameters only the models they'll fit.

Maybe someone here could measure there 10# stuffer and see if it's 7"?

In the mean time, the suggestion of wrapping it in aluminum foil sounds like a good temporary fix.

Also using  the small tube with your snack sticks creates a lot of pressure, you might not have so much of a problem with a larger tube.  and adding a little water to the mix will make it go a little easier.


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with the 1/2 tube it was damn near unbearable we did 5 lb and had to repack them like 10-12 times to get through it.....we used the biggest tube i have is what we stuffed the salamis with and it squished a little bit i think twice and we got them stuffed....

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oh i tried again i cant get the piston to unscrew so the 2 times ive cleaned it i use a brush to scrub all around the threaded parts

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This may sound stupid but are you turning it the correct way I believe it may be left handed threads.

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Originally Posted by Pineywoods View Post

This may sound stupid but are you turning it the correct way I believe it may be left handed threads.

It's worth a shot, It doesn't look abused so it should unscrew.
I know it's not a one piece piston/ screw so it's either screwed in, pinned or welded and I don't see weld or pins.


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