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weekend ABTS w/qview

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some are actually baby bells for the wife


Some have a red tomatoes diced in as the son was trying to be craetive & I was trying to be supportive so the tomatoes were his idea.





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Looks like some good eating there

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Those look delicious. 


Baby bells?, whew, thought for just a moment because of color, those bad boys were Habenaros.  That would make your face fall off.

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yeah tried the hab once & once only!! One tiny nibble is all that took!!

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Your abt's look great now I have never seen any tomatoes used for abt's. I would say good idea. So how did they come out.??? Ihave found that it matters where you buy your japs for if I buy them  at the farmers market or publix and even wally world they are really hot. If I buy them at winn dixie the japs are more milder then the others. Go figure.

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Your right the one's (which these were from) are hotter & much bigger at wally world. The tomatoes were really small cause I too thought it odd but I was trying to influence my son to come up with his own kinda ides too. So they didn't really make any impact, but his second Idea I'm gonna give a try. Breakfast ABT with egg, cheese & green chili. Just figuring out the egg in the smiker without over cooking it

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