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Flap steak

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Has anyone ever smoked or grilled this type of steak, would you marinade it and if so how long would you marinade it for or is there another way to tenderise it.When we bought it the other day it came in strips about 10 per package, Need help. Thank you

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It comes fron the bottom round section I believe. I would season a little or marinade if you like then grill it hot and fast to just sear it and don't cook it over med rare..

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Now thats sounds pretty good what pete is talking about and another option could be Jerky. Marib=nade it and then smoke it a little longer for some tastey  jerky

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Originally Posted by Pit 4 Brains View Post

It comes fron the bottom round section I believe. I would season a little or marinade if you like then grill it hot and fast to just sear it and don't cook it over med rare..

Good advise on this easy cut of meat. Grilling is usually the way to go.

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I marinaded it for four hours and got the grill ready and grilled it on each side for 5 minutes each, had baked potatoe's and asparagus and a small salad. Thanks yall for help.

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There are lots of cuts people call the flap.  The flap actually comes off the bottom sirloin butt along with the tri tip and the ball tip.  The flap is IMPS/NAMP BSB 185A. Grill it quickly or cook it in liquid.  Not the most tender part of the animal.  Used to be used in hamburger.  Very nice flavor if handled properly.

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Sirloin Tri Tip:


Sirloin Tip Tri Tip.jpg


Sirloin ball tip:




Sirloin Tip Ball tip.jpg


Sirloin Flap:


Sirloin Tip Flap.jpg


Hope this helps!

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Flap meat is my favorite cut! I marinate for a few hours then grill/sear it and it's perfect for the whole family. Med/rare on the ends for the little ones and nice and rare in the center for me! The cuts I get are always very tender and juicy.
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I picked up about 15 lbs of this at Restaurant Depot on a good sale, but I'm going in a different direction.

There is a small joint near me that sells the best pastrami sandwiches I've ever had. He gets written up in the paper and restaurant reviews all the time, but the owner is notorious for not giving any interviews. Whatever cut of meat he's using, it's not brisket. Reviewers have speculated that he uses flap meat. So that's where I'm headed this weekend. I have the meat curing right now, and I will smoke on Sunday. We'll see how it turns out.

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And how did the experiment go?

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So far, so good. Smoked yesterday, and I'm steaming some right now. Using DLS's pastrami recipe.


These came with quite a bit of silverskin. I trimmed most of it off.


In the brine for about a week.


Forgot to take pics of the actual smoke, but I brought these up to 160° with a mixture of oak and cherry wood, then cooled, foiled, and refrigerated overnight.

This shot is just after pouring hot water, and before I sealed the pan with foil. It is now in a 250° oven to steam until the meat comes back to 170°.

They're kinda thin, so it shouldn't take long.

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Took the pastrami out of the steamer, foiled, and let rest for 30 minutes, then hand sliced.

OH MAN, that's good! Thanks to DLS for the recipe! This is the first time I've actually gone to the effort to properly steam. It makes all the difference in the world!



This was so good, and I was eating it so fast, that I actually bit my own finger. 

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