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Pellet source

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Sorry this is in the wood smokers, but there is nothing out there for the pellet munchers out there...  I am in the need for a new source for pellets for my Traeger.....  Traeger pellets have turned out to be mostly sawdust and junk for that matter....  The Pellet Grill Outlet out in Oregon has been selling Bear Mountain pellets, and they are great, they reallly are a great product, however Pelleg Grill Outlet is now charging for shipping and went from $60 for three bags to $80 for three bags..  So I am asking anyone out there is there another way to get these pellets or something else out there that is working for the pellet crew???  Let me know, thanks, TJ

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Is there a Cabelas, Gander or Bass Pro near you?


Pellets available at all of these places.




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Go to there's lots of posts there about this.

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The pellets that I use at home in my Traeger are the ones that my company sells. Click Here to see the pellets.  They work well for me and it should be pretty price efficient for you.  They are $34.99 (for a 40 lb. bag) plus, at that order amount, $8.95 in shipping.

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