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jerk pecans

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made a couple batches of pecans yesterday to snack on while watching gators lose again

first patch is dusted with jerk seasoning

second batch is honey, brown sugar and cinnamon

coated with melted butter then added seasonings

smoked for about two hours


10-16 001.jpg


10-16 004.jpg


10-16 008.jpg


10-16 012.jpg


10-16 013.jpg



looks like killer is hunting for some snook


smokin 9-26 025.jpg

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Wow , That's just NUTS,

 Looks good from here and i think i'd be searchin for snook too.

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um. I see more than pecans...where can we hear more about the rest of the party?  those brown sugar ones wouldn't last long around me - they look irresistible! 

Killer, don't take it too hard, there's always the next game...  

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Now the nuts look good but the Gator Don't look that good But I heard Urban say that there's gonna be a lot of changes coming for the next game.

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Nice looking nuts you got there!

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Originally Posted by The Dude Abides View Post

Nice looking nuts you got there!

What NOT to say in the men's restroom.


I've yet to smoke some nuts and I love pecans yum! Looks great!

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Hey Rick!


Looks Great!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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What kind of wood did you use?  We've got about 9 giant pecan trees in the yard, and always looking for new ways to use pecans.  Great post!

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