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First try at pulled beef....Chucky style sorta.

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Since the CSR came out really well last night in my first run with the new A-MAZE-N smoker, I decided to give pulled beef a try, I found a beef round quad at BJ's for 2.49 a lb. 9lb and change for 22$. Figured it would make a good pulled beef.  Made a quick rub and loaded them into the MES at 10:30 pm started at 215 deg for 2 hours and then let them run over night at 190 deg. thought maybe really low and slow would help tenderize this tough as hell cut. (could be wrong but ?)






Re loaded the A-maze-N smoker at 8:00AM and here is what they look like so far. Internal was 142 deg.





Going to foil and add a little beef stock at 10:30 ish and check temp again (I know i need to get a digital remote soon)


Hope to have it done for Noon to 1 PM for a good Sunday lunch to go with football games....More later. Did i mention I like new toys!

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Looks great so far, nice coloring!  Can't wait to see the end results.

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Very nice!!!!

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Ok small up date....into foil at about 162 int.




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That's a lot of meat! Looking VERY pretty and tasty from here.

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Coming along nicely!  Can't wait to see it pulled.

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Here is the end product. Came out with good flavor some spots were a little dry did it sliced and pulled .....but pan drippings fixed the dry spots just fine. Think I could have gone twice as long in the foil. Thanks for looking.




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That came out good. well done

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When I saw that you wanted to pull this sirloin tip roast I was about to say that it won't pull very well. It's to much a close grained hunk of meat to pull it is more for slicing it really thin for sandwiches and such. You want a chuck roast or a brisket for pulling it is not so tight grained and has more connective tissues and fat  to break down making it easier to pull. Now I smoke them all the time and I only take mine to 135°or 140° cause we like it med rare on the ends and rare in the middle.

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Yea it worked out ok but I know I can do better with a real chuck or brisket. it was an experiment for sure.

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Looks Awesome!


Experiments are fun!!!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Looks wonderful!

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