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stuffed mini meatloafs

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tried something new

made a meatloaf and wanted to make some mini loafs

added jalapeno sheese, jalapenoes, pepperonis and green peppers then put on top layer of meatloaf

smoked for a while and added a slice of swiss cheese on top

this is fun cause you can make everyones preference for fillings

10-16 001.jpg


10-16 003.jpg


10-16 005.jpg



10-16 006.jpg


10-16 008.jpg


10-16 011.jpg


10-16 015.jpg


now these are quite tasty but what the heck is going on with the GATORS?

I've put away the bud and am drinking jack while doing shots of tequilla   the boys better get it on after halftime


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great idea!! looks good

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heres one of the pizza loafs


10-16 019.jpg



10-16 017.jpg



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Those sure look good Rick...  


What is the pan you are using to mold them in?

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i took a small bread loaf pan and drilled some holes for drainage

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Great Idea... Gotta try that...

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Great post. This looks tasty. I'm trying something in the same ballpark now

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looks awfull rick............................awfully good!

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