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Pink sauerkraut

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 Its ready after 1 month of fermenting.




Into the cans




sealing the lid on the can




into the pressure canner




on to the stove, process at 5 psi for 8 minutes.




the recipe




5 kg cabbage
250 ml coarse salt

select firm , mature heads of cabbage
remove outer leaves and any undesirable portions
wash and drain. cut into halves or quarters and core
use a shredder or sharp knife to cut cabbage in thin shreds
mix each shredded head with 25 ml salt and allow it to wilt
this allows the cabbage to be packed without bruising
continue shredding and salting until half of the cabbages are done
pack salted cabbage and juice in a clean earthenware crock
press cabbage down firmly and evenly.
Continue shredding and salting the rest of the batch
the cabbage should be packed only to within 6 to 8 cm of the top of the crock
cover cabbage with a damp , clean , thin cloth such as muslin
tuck the edges down against the inside of the crock so no cabbage is exposed
rinse cloth daily
place a double plastic bag filled with water on top of the cabbage
to seal the cabbage from air
when fermentation begins , remove scum daily, and replace wet cloth
wash outside of plastic bag and replace the water daily
continue this for 5 to 6 weeks until crock contents look and smell like sauerkraut.
If sauerkraut is to be stored at room temperature on the shelf ,
it must be processed as a home canned product .
prepare jars, lids and boiling water bath
heat sauerkraut to simmering
pack hot in jars, leaving 2 cm head space
cover with boiling liquid. Remove air bubbles
wipe sealing edge of jar Apply lid on rim
process in boiling water bath for 15 min for small ( 500 ml) jars
and 20 min for 1 l jars or process in pressure canner at 35kPa (5 lb. )
pressure for 8 minutes for either size jar
remove jars from canner. Cool . test for seal . label and store.

Ps. to make it pink I used 4 green heads of cabbage and two red heads. LOL

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Awesome stuff big-guy. One awesome canner you got there!


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Thats cool and I really like the machine for sealing the lids

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Now that is really cool. I love this place for there are folks all over here making everything under the sun home made in small units. Now I have really starting to try and make as much as I can from scratch. It's fun to me and to see the old machines that help us make things. Have you noticed that all the machine folks use to make homemade stuff is all old. The new machines are designed to ware out. Hey Big Guy do you want to do an exchange I would love to have some of that sauerkraut.???

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Big-Guy you have some amazing recipes since you joined, looking forward to the rest of them.

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