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Beef Brisket question for Newbie

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Random question - I am smoking my second brisket tomorrow.  The first one I tried in an electric smoker and it didn't turn out good.  I have since retired that smoke and now have a wsm.


Question - the best brisket I could find (in San Diego) was at Smart & Final.  It weighs approx 8.5lbs.  As I know it should be, one end of it is rather think (approx 3").  The brisket then tappers down to about 1/4 - 1/2" on the other end.  I know it is normal for one end to be larger and the other smaller.  Is 1/4-1/2" normal?  If not, do I leave it the way it is or should I trim it so there is a certain thickness at one end?


Thanks in advance!

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Is this just the Flat? What did you not like about your first brisket?

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I do great briskets all the time on an electric smoker.

 We need some more info to try to help you acchive smoking nirvana.

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